It is time America makes good

on the promise that we are all created equal.

Will you fight against inequality?

Roshan Mody

Democrat for US Congress

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A Campaign to Deliver

Equality to All of US


Miami, Florida. 2012. Alessandra Sanguinetti.


“I knew the answer by now but asked anyway if he could vote. ‘No, I have a record… police are very strict here. We have a saying: Come to Florida on vacation, leave it on probation.’”

It is time to rewrite the Four Freedoms, 

reimagine our goals as a democracy, 

reinstate our commitment to human rights 

and remake our government to serve US

and our future generations.


Washington, D.C. 1963. Bruce Davidson.


Crowds in front of the Washington Monument at the March on Washington for jobs and racial equality.

Our government is indifferent to injustice and inequality. That is wrong and immoral. Equal Now is a set of both large and small policy prescriptions to redress Social, Civil, Political, Economic, and Opportunity inequalities.


This is a tactical fight. Fundamental issues of justice are not negotiable. And we need 

aggressive policies that are married to forceful, effective strategies. If we do nothing, the change is not going to come.

Washington, D.C. 2017. Alex Robinson.


On January 21 st , the Women's March was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history.


Baja, California. 2018. Guillermo Arias.


A Central American migrant wrapped in a US flag looks at the almost dry riverbed of the Tijuana River near the

El Chaparral border crossing.

To know someone is to know their values, what they believe in, and how they see the world. These are my guiding principles.

EDIT-0507_2 blue.jpg

Roshan Mody


Democrat for US Congress FL-20

We live in a country where the founding promises are hollow, and the promises made for tomorrow never come. Progress has only been made by prying it from the hands of power. And I will bring the fight for equality and justice to our government.

James Baldwin 


“How much time do you want… for your progress?”


James Arthur Baldwin 

(August 2, 1924 – December 1, 1987)

was an American novelist, playwright

and activist.

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PO Box 1339

Fort Lauderdale, Florida





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