We have been waiting long enough. The time for equality is now.


For many Americans, the founding promise that we are all created equal is hollow. It is time to stop openly fantasizing about a more equal America and fight to create it. Our plan, Equal Now, provides comprehensive policy solutions to many of the inequities and injustices that America has long denied. Equal Now is the prospect of a reimagined future that makes good on America’s founding promise: we are all created equal.


We speak in specifics.


Inequality is a widespread crisis. To address it, we have to define it clearly. Our government looks only through the lens of the economy and not at who the winners and losers are. That narrow view has served to grow and entrench inequality; it is the force used for the past 40 years to separate the government from the people and benefit those who are at the top. But we cannot afford inequality any longer. We must focus on who and how our laws and institutions impact. We start with a simple solution: create a Congressional Office of Equal Opportunity. This office establishes a vehicle for legislative solutions, but we must also provide a detailed plan. The first step is to address the five types of inequality. The second step is to tailor a solution for each.


Civil Equality


To force civil equality, we must end the New Jim Crow, reform our court system, reinvent our prison system, hold our police accountable, end mass incarceration, close the school-to-prison pipeline, legalize marijuana, ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and fight sexual harassment and assault.


To correct our systemic economic inequality, we must expand homeownership, institute a living wage, reform our monetary system, provide fair access to credit, restructure our child support system, change our poverty metrics, realign the Social Security system, and end the predatory pricing of prescription medications.

Economic Equality


Political Equality

To create political equality, we must establish a Congressional Office of Equal Opportunity, reestablish and amend the Voting Rights Act, break the stranglehold of money and entrenched power in government, and end district gerrymandering.


To engender social equality, we must institute Paid Family Leave, ensure women have reproductive freedom, end the “pink tax” on women, create social protections for LGBTQ+ people, and guarantee equal standing and pay for those with disabilities.

Social Equality


Equality of Opportunity

To provide equality of opportunity, we must create government-funded Opportunity Security Accounts for children, provide a Child Cash Credit regardless of income, reshape our higher education system, invest in our teachers, close the school funding gap, end school district gerrymandering, and fund endowments and tuitions at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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